Monday, July 18, 2005

Red Hawk Staff Demonstrates

Today the three week lab leaders decided to take off the gloves and play a few rounds of bare knuckle boxing. Ok, maybe it was just a practice debate. The trash talking started early and went something like this:

Nicole: the 2ac is going to spread you out of the block, and the 1ar is going to spread you out of the 2nr

Nikhil: Yeah, too bad we're still going to win.

Nicole: Sure, Nikhil Merchant-whatever.

Todd Lance and Nicole Serano defended the Guantanamo bay affirmative while Sarah Spring and Nikhil Merchant-Whatever defended the negative. During the round there were references to the Mike Tyson 2ac and Nikhil being denied authority to go for T because he didn't have Klinger's permission. Nicole showed how to cross-x when getting Nikhil to admit, "Yes, I conceed I'm an idiot".

In the end, all the campers got to see a great debate between some of the best debaters out there. After the ballots were in, the negative team was victorious on an 18-12 decision. Here are some pictures of the debate.


Team Teal trying for extra style points. Apparently Alec has been coaching them to coordinate outfits

Ed Lee before the debate, (OK, can anyone guess what is on Aaron's computer with Phil's reaction??)

The audience waiting for the debate

Sarah giving the order of the 1NC

Todd before the 1AR

Nikhil telling the students why he was going for Topicalty. Something about clubs and baby seals.

Nikhil writing out the topical version of the plan after being called on it in the 2AR


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